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April 2016 Blog Announcing the New Delta County Portal Website
At the March annual awards ceremony for the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce I was truly honored and shocked to have been presented the Business of the Year Award. There were many other incredible companies in our local area that were nominated and well deserving of this award. It was rewarding to know people were noticing the efforts I’ve been contributing to marketing this incredible area. The most notable effort was with the launch of a new portal website for Delta County linking all 6 communities, their governments, chambers, different lifestyles, amenities, activities, recreation in addition to links about the local business climate, statistics, weather and more. More than a hundred times have I heard that Delta County is the best kept secret. Well, for the local population who wanted to sell either their residence or business being the best kept secret was not a good thing. With so many layoffs in the coal industry the need to replace those jobs has been a priority for our local government. Yet, when one does not know this community exists, we will continue being a secret. This website is very interactive, and has its own Facebook page and Twitter account. Now this site did not come together without a great team effort. Christy Eller designed and maintains the site. Robbie LaValley our County Administrator along with Trish Thibodo, the Executive Director of the Delta County Economic Development contributed to the launching of this website. What I’ve learned even with my own website is unless there’s constant movement with the site, it will only be an expensive glorified business card. So, liking and sharing on Facebook, going to the website and browsing, linking the website to your site, sharing the website – all of that drives the site up the search engines for better exposure. Check it out, like it, share it and help Delta County be discovered!

Go to:
Let me know what you think!

Lastly, thank you Delta County for the recognition. I promise there’s a lot more to come!

The Delta Area Chamber of Commerce Awards

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