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January 2017 - 2016 SURFACE CREEK RESIDENTIAL SALES - Exceed Previous Year by Over 22%

Surface Creek along with the other surrounding communities experienced a tremendous growth in residential sales in 2016. Overall, Delta County ended up 11.7% in more sales; an increase of 9.2% in the median sales price and a decrease in the inventory leaving only a 5.5 month supply.

Available rentals have also taken a huge dip in inventory and although it’s not formally tracked, my research has shown a tremendous need for residential rentals, be it affordable housing; over 55+ age development; single level attached multi-family apartments and even senior housing living facilities. Looking at the current availability which consists a lot of mobile homes, single family homes, subsidized facilities for agricultural workers and section 8 housing, there’s very little to choose from with a reasonable rental rate, convenient location or available amenities. 

Now, in the metropolitan areas I’ve previously worked, if the numbers were even double the current inventory, the developers would be jumping all over the place to build. Why not in Delta County or even in Montrose County whom our neighbor is experiencing the same? After spending the past two years looking for that developer and general contractor to notice us, the same answer keeps surfacing: “the developers and G.C.s got burnt with the 2008 aftermath and the lenders won’t finance the project for spec housing. Folks, that’s old and tired news. It’s time for Delta County to stand up and get noticed.

Lucinda Stanley, CCIM

Retailers, shop owners, restaurants, service companies all are saying bring us more people that will buy our goods, wares and services. But, I ask you, how is that possible when there’s little to no decent place for them to live? Some of the county leaders have been heard of saying we don’t want to be just a bedroom community, we want jobs, well paying jobs…. Let’s put that horse in front of the cart and attract those who want what we have now, those wonderful retirees with disposable income. They come, they demand more services, they create more jobs at all levels, the (now called) Rocky Mountain Technical College offers classes for those jobs, employers come now that the workforce is being bred in our County. Now, I’m sure many will say that’s too simplistic, Lucinda, you don’t understand economics. Well, that may be true that I’ve never taken an economics class, but I do understand supply and demand and what we have is a lack of supply and a huge demand. 

You may be thinking this sounds good, but what can you and others do? Promote Delta County, allow us to be discovered. Share the portal website that I help create: Like us on Facebook and share. Easy, anyone can do it in a matter of seconds. If not for you, help out your friend, neighbor or family member that could benefit from those few minutes you invest in promoting this incredible county. It feels good when you help someone and your community. Really good.

Written by:
Lucinda Stanley, CCIM
Grand Mesa Commercial Real Estate

HELLO, 2017!

Always during the first few days of a fresh year, reviewing the previous year’s events can be both sweet and a bit painful if declared goals were not met. 2016 was no exception for me as it was chock full of challenges, heartache, small victories, lost friends, new friends (furry and otherwise), unique listings, multiple vacations and family visits. Skimming over written blogs, one that I wrote in May last year had such great advice for small business owners that I felt compelled to share again. It was on a topic that Debbie Blanchard from D’Medici Footwear gave at the Delta Chamber’s Business Conference held last April 14th. Debbie’s straightforward, no holding back speech was spot on. Highlights of her speech:

MARKETING - is not just putting an ad in a newspaper; it’s also about:
• Location-location is everything…visibility - signage
• Image-a) Store Hours – Need to be Consistent; b) Appearance –Both Store and Employees very important; c) Window Displays –clean and change them out regularly; d) Location itself—cleanliness, light bulbs, maintenance, etc.; e) Solid customer service – SMILE, treat them as you want to be treated.

YOU (the owner):
• Are you dedicated and not just willing to put minimal hours into your business?
• In a small community- you are your best advertiser. ARE YOU OUT THERE?
• Are you active in the community - Join groups such as Altrusa, Local Chambers, Rotary, Kiwanis etc. Yes, there are membership fees but this marketing works for you IF you go to the meetings and network.

• Website and Facebook …not everyone is savvy at this...but it is a necessary tool in today’s world. You don’t need to spend hours on it. Hire a website designer and do a basic page. Don’t need anything fancy. A web designer can help you with your Facebook too. Facebook helps get messages out to customers who like what you are doing.

• Don’t let your business get stagnant! Listen to your customers. Sometimes you have to change and adapt to make it work. Change encourages your customers to come in again and again.
• Old inventory is not making you money. Get rid of it before it is a relic….even at or below cost.

• Remember if you are not enjoying yourself, people can see it.
• If you find you’re not having fun. GET OUT!
• If you are not making money. GET OUT!
• If you are unwilling to change to make it work. GET OUT!
• Having your own business may look romantic, IT IS NOT! It is hard work.
• But if you enjoy it, it is worth it!

My 2017 Resolution is to Market wisely, utilizing Debbie’s suggestions and enjoying the process! May your 2017 be as rewarding as you wish it to be!

Written by:
Lucinda Stanley, CCIM
Grand Mesa Commercial Real Estate

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