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Interesting and timely articles that affect our Western Slope area in Colorado including Delta County, Montrose County and Grand Junction.
March 15, 2021 - Delta County Springs Forward!

And not just with the time change, Delta County’s economy is surging upward at an incredible speed. Check out these stats for the 4th Quarter 2020 just released from Dr. Nathan Perry, Associate Professor at Colorado Mesa University:

The Delta County labor market improved drastically from the April lows in unemployment, falling from 10.5% to as low as 5.3% in October. Unemployment numbers across the Western Slope, Colorado, and the nation rose through the winter months as COVID numbers climbed and government restrictions tightened. Delta unemployment rates rose to 5.6% in November and 7.4% in December.


Delta County median household income increased from 2018 to 2019 from $46,486 to $51,525, a 12% increase. This was lower than Mesa County (17%) but higher than Montrose County, which saw no increase in median household income. There is now a 3-year trend of increasing median household income, showing that strong economic data since 2017 is translating to a higher standard of living. Delta County and City sales taxes were very strong in 2020, increasing by 17.55% and 7% respectively.

Q4 2020 annualized real GDP increased by 4%, ending the year at $18.7 trillion compared to Q4 of 2019 at $19.2 trillion. Potential GDP is at $19.4 trillion, indicating a recessionary gap of $700 billion.

Interesting to also note that Mesa County’s unemployment rose from 5.7% to 8.2%, significantly higher than Delta County and for real estate median values, Delta County is only $40,000 less than Montrose County’s $327,550.

With all the new development activity going on in our County, it looks like Delta is ready for the race!

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