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NOVEMBER, 2015 - DELTA COUNTY - Colorado's Best Kept Secret

When I first visited Delta County I was immediately struck by the quaintness of the towns incorporated in this piece of heaven surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Looking for a change from the desert heat of Las Vegas, this area on the Western Slope intrigued me and my husband. Never before experiencing Colorado other than a couple of ski trips, I was captured by its four seasons, the charm of the stores and the friendliness of those I encountered during my visit. It spoke to me like no other place and I truly felt at home which is what I call it today.

Fast forward 10 years, with my past 28 plus years of being a commercial real estate broker, I naturally gravitated towards that endeavor in Delta County after word got out that there was a person who did commercial real estate and lived in the County. Unlike the various metro cities I worked in, Delta was struggling after the 2008 bust followed by the closure of the surrounding mines. Business owners were stretched and stressed to the max ready to throw in the towel but unwilling to walk away from all that they had fought so hard to keep alive. Will Delta County end up as a ghost town or perhaps a low income agricultural community? The community leaders had and have their battles to fight to keep Delta County on the map while protecting what local folks are so proud of yet gently pushing the ever demanding changes desperately needed.

It’s a matter of time before the dramatic growth of the Front Range climbs over the Divide and discovers the best kept secret. Delta County as of August 2015 experienced almost a 25% increase in residential home sales over the previous year and various businesses, especially restaurant businesses have been enjoying the increase in their sales with some claiming at 15% to 20% improvement in YTD sales over 2014 sales. This is viewed as a great indication of what is yet to come to Delta County – their mini boom. The prediction of this writer is 2015 will finish off strong followed by the best year in a decade for most industries. Real Estate values will continue to increase as vacancies decline demanding more multi-family and commercial development to be filled by needed employees and demanded service providers. My advice to the business owners is to stay strong and keep the faith and to future business owners discovering the best kept secret – the word is out and the time is now.

Lucinda Stanley, CCIM
Grand Mesa Commercial Real Estate
Delta, Colorado

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